The Healing Cut

Editing and mixing scenes from different films so they connect via synchronicity (sync) creates a new movie that was destined to exist. That this is possible, implies some influencing force exists beyond time, space and the intentions of the individual filmmakers. The ability to bring separate things together by revealing an underlying unity, tests the limits of the rational mind, and suggests a character about reality leaning in the direction of the mystical. 

These cut up films can heal the viewer by bringing them back into the natural state of unified awareness. The sync film can dissolve false boundaries and remind us of what is true. Everything is connected and consciousness is unified. Synkeys are micro-sync films that use the world of popular movies to highlight synchronicity in a manner that is accessible to everyone. Synkeys reveal to us that nothing is separate, and to meditate on them, has the potential to unlock sync in your own life.

The 42 Synkey Collection

Pulled from an extensive body of syncromystic video work, this genesis collection of 42 Synkeys is the product of over 15 years of investigation. The Synkey collection highlights a sync nexus of Jupiter, rainbows, the number 42, and so much more. 

We are offering a limited amount of Synkeys to be purchased as NFTs. To acquire a Synkey NFT is more than collecting rare art, it is to obtain a magical key capable of unlocking the mysteries of life, the universe and everything.

A limited amount of each Synkey colour will ever be sold. Red is most common and Rainbow is more rare.

The Synkey Colour Key is as follows:

RED = 17, ORANGE = 15, YELLOW = 13, GREEN = 11, BLUE = 9, PURPLE = 7, RAINBOW = 5.

A high-resolution copy of the Synkey will be sent to all owners.